[Savvy Swaps] Urinary Tract Health Supplements

Utiva Savvy Swap cranberry supplement vs cranberry juice

Cranberries are super little berries and are known for helping with urinary tract health. Did you ever wonder why?

Cranberries have this amazing antioxidant called proanthocyanidins or PACs. To get the most out of cranberries for urinary tract health we suggest avoiding sugary cranberry juice and choosing a supplement with 36mg PACs, the clinically proven dose that helps to prevent UTIs. Sugar has an unfortunate secondary effect, it actually feeds the bacteria that can cause a UTI (urinary tract infection) in the first place. 

Also, cranberry juice can have preservatives that we like to avoid. Or even worse, they can be sweetened with artificial sweeteners.

Utiva Savvy Swap cranberry supplement vs cranberry juice

So next time you suspect you have a UTI, may we suggest a high-quality brand like Utiva. Their line of products includes test strips (similar to the ones your doctor would use), UTI Cranberry PACs (with 36mg PACs), D-Mannose Attack, and probiotics known to enhance urinary tract health. You can take their supplements which are well supported by doctors to help prevent UTIs from recurring.

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