Our Healthy Holiday Gift Guide for 2021

Healthy Holiday Gifts 2020

Would you like to give a holiday gift that expresses how much you care about the recipient? We thought so! That’s why Naturally Savvy came up with a list of healthy gifts from eleven different Santas who have great natural options that cover the spectrum from kids to teens, adults, athletes, couples, families, and more. So get ready to get your list done in a jiffy with our healthy holiday gift guide for 2020!

EMF Radiation Protection

This is a gift that you may not have even heard of our thought of but it's one we have at the top of our list. The Lifetune EMR Modulation Technology from Aires Tech reduces the effects of electromagnetic radiation emitted by data-transmitting electronics, such as cell phones, cordless phones, wireless earpieces, wireless headsets, computers, laptops, monitors, smart TVs, baby monitors, Wi-Fi routers, smart monitors and appliances and more. We have them on almost every device in our house to help mitigate the effects of EMF and EMR on our health.

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Acupressure mat

Do you have someone on your list who needs to relax more or who suffers with insomnia? Who doesn’t? (You might want to gift yourself as well!) Spoonk offers an acupressure mat that promotes deeper sleep and helps reduce anxiety, back pain, and stress by boosting the activity of your parasympathetic nervous system. To get that job done, the mat boasts more than 6,000 stimulation points. The mat is manufactured considering the highest environmental criteria, such as use of materials made with virtually zero emissions and recycled content.

Spoonk mat

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Weighted blanket

If there’s someone on your list who could benefit from a much-needed hug that lasts for hours or who could benefit from having stress and anxiety listed from their shoulders, then Hush is for them. A Hush weighted blanket can help fight the negative impact of these stressful experiences. Using a Hush blanket is like being hugged all night long. Since more than three quarters of people have some physical and psychological symptoms associated with stress, there are probably several people on your list who could benefit from a weighted blanket.

Hush Weighted Blanke


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Sleep mask

Let’s face it: falling asleep and staying asleep is a challenge for many people. More than one third of adults in the United States don’t get sufficient sleep on a regular basis. If someone on your list falls into this category, then a Manta sleep mask will thrill them! A Manta sleep mask provides 100 percent darkness without eye pressure, so it’s completely comfortable and effective. A great stocking stuffer or under-the-tree holiday gift.

Manta Sleep Mask

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Advanced sleep technology

Do you have a couple on your list who could benefit from more restful sleep? Most couples don’t agree on sleep temperature, which can contribute to less restful sleep and more sleep problems. Then consider buying them a system that combines technology that allows them to set their own individual sleep temperature. BedJet cools, warms, and whisks away sweat based on each individual’s preferences. Eighty-five percent of women suffering with night sweats reported getting significant relief from hot flashes and night sweat when using this system. BedJet can be installed on any bed and any type of mattress in minutes.


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Handheld beauty device

What could be better than giving the gift of beauty! A popular beauty tool used by many is a jade roller. While stimulating acupressure points, it facilitates an improvement in elasticity of the skin. A textured jade roller can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, tone the skin, and gently exfoliate.  Finally, using the roller is also a stress reducer, which also translates into healthier looking skin and better overall relaxation.

Jade Roller

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Personalized DNA Analysis information

Each of us has a completely unique set of DNA and it affects almost every aspect of what makes us who we are from how we act, to our health outcomes, and even how we sleep at night. You can have your own DNA scanned, and receive 38 different reports, including specific reports for cardiovascular health, sleep, hormones, and immunity.

There is nothing more fascinating than digging into data about your body. These reports help you understand yourself like never before. Everything is outlined in comprehensive segmented reports. These reports can be life-changing.


Covid Risk DNA Kit

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Brain balancing

This may be one of the most unusual but important holiday gifts ever. BrainTap is a program that can help people achieve balanced brainwaves through a combination of music, sound, and the spoken word. The technology involves a neuro-algorithm that synchronizes the user’s brainwaves without any effort on the part of the individual. All the user has to do is sit back and experience each 10 to 15-minute session. Six different programs are available: Sleep RX, Weight Wellness, Optimal Health, Stress-Free Me, Worry-Free Me, and Children & Learning. Something for just about anyone on your holiday gift list.


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Sleep fix

Do you know someone who needs to keep their mouth shut? No, we’re not talking about someone who talks too much, but someone who breathes with their mouth open while they sleep. The key to a good night’s sleep is to sleep with your mouth closed and to breathe through your nose. SomniFix Strips help you achieve that goal by gently taping your mouth closed. Using these strips improves CPAP compliance, reduces open-mouth snoring (and the cottonmouth, sore throat, and bad breath that goes along with it), and can improve quality of sleep for anyone.


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Personal hormone profile

Do you have a woman on your gift list who could benefit from knowing more about her very special hormone profile and its impact on her overall health? The DNA Company provides scientifically generated reports and a personal consultation that give a gene-by-gene analysis as well as recommendations for lifestyle, diet, and environmental exposure to help individuals get a clear understanding of their hormones, the influence of their genes on their health, and answers to questions about menopause, hormone replacement therapy, hormone imbalance, weight gain, endometriosis, and other female health concerns, all based on their unique profile. All of this information and more is available after your gift recipient sends in a saliva sample.

The DNA Company

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Hot and cold compresses

Aches and pains—they affect people of all ages. Magic Bag makes hot and cold compresses that contain organic grains that are suitable for children and adults, athletes and couch potatoes, and everyone in between. The grains used are chosen for their ability to release moist heat so they work optimally on sore, strained muscles. Hypoallergenic compresses shaped like animals are available for kids, and aromatherapy bags are real treats for adults who want to enjoy a spa-like experience. For the athletes on your holiday gift list, there are gel wraps designed to help manage injuries and improve recovery times.

Magic Bag

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Bottom line

The gift of health is priceless, and it’s a gift that keeps on giving. We believe we have put together one of the more unique and naturally healthy holiday gift lists ever. Happy holidays to all!

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